*Best LED Light For Swimming Pool Of 2021

After the rigor of the day, it is always relaxing to lounge in a swimming pool. We get the bask in the heat of the sun during the day while enjoying the water. As much as it is fun and soothing to be in the water during the day but at night it might be dangerous because of one might get injured due to limitation in visibility which is why you need the best led pool light

Without the use of any sort of lighting, a swimming pool is basically dangerous to use at night. The lighting will not only complement the ray you get from the stars but also help to ensure that you are safe and secure as long as you remain in the pool.

You can give your swimming pool a great look or design by utilizing many colors. There are different kinds of swimming pool lights you can use but the best you can opt for which you will always appreciate is the Led pool light because it gives you a clearer and brighter view of your surroundings and your pool.

Best Led Pool Light

Best Led Pool Light Buyer’s Guide

The Installation

Obviously, swimming pool lights are not just too difficult to install and some are sophisticated that needs the attention of an experts to get it fixed. Whichever you get, be assured that some are very easy to install which is what to look out for when purchasing any Led pool light


We all know that the work of light is to illuminate any area that is been used. So you wouldn’t want to get a light that will not serve the purpose of why you purchase it. It is why you need to look out for the light that is super bright. This is a feature you need to consider because you need to see clearly all that is in the water or your path to the swimming pool.


You need to look out for the efficiency of the light and you wouldn’t have to know this without having experience with it. So you can get to know the level of efficiency by asking out some customers who have used the light before or make some research to read reviews on the light.

So, what are the best pool light you can opt for to get your pool illuminated for a clearer and brighter view?

Best LED Pool Light Reviews

10. LED Light Ball: 16-inch LOFTEK Shape Light

The LED Light Ball: 16-inch LOFTEK Shape Light is a simple ball designed to float on the water to illuminate the pool so that you can see clearly what goes on in the pool.

It is a 16 inch ball Led light with vibrant and attractive color. It is of high quality, eco-friendly which makes it free of IR, UV, mercury, lead and other toxic elements.

It has 4 different lighting modes with 16 beautiful RGB colors and it is easily controlled with the use of the remote control device and it can be recharged via the use of AC adapter.

It if fully waterproof and also dust protected which makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. It is fully powered with 1.2W with the power output of 4.2V 800mA DC and the input of 100V-240V 50/60Hz AC.

The battery capacity of the Led pool light is 2200mAh which means that it can work for a longer period of time for about 6 to 12 hours depending on the brightness and color settings and it has a charge time of 4 hours.

It is one of the light to consider if you would like to lighten your pool as it is fully equipped with all needed to spice up your interior, outdoors and also compliment your party décor and make it a unique place to be.

With the different color and stylish piece of decoration, the LED Light Ball: 16-inch LOFTEK Shape Light is perfect for any settings


  • It has beautiful color
  • It has great transmission
  • It gives a very bright light
  • It is very easy to install and use
  • It looks amazing in the pool

  • It has no major setback

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9. Set of 12 Mood Light Garden Deco Balls

The Set of 12 Mood Light Garden Deco Balls is another set of light you can use in your pool to make it attractive for family members and visitors. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. It perfectly set tone for any occasion, event, party celebration, pond and fountain.

It is basically designed for the night as you don’t get to see the beauty of the light during the day. The light has 9 different settings such as the 7 steady glowing colors which you can choose from with one additional fast transitioning mode.

You can decide on the light and the intensity of what you want to enjoy the fun of being in the pool at any given time. The light is very easy to operate as you can initiate it with the button and then it lights up a certain color. And to turn it off, you just have to press the button again.

There is no better place to relax in the house than the swimming pool if you don’t have a patio where to enjoy the breeze and natural air. And to enjoy the best and fun you deserve you need to get the best light for your pool to brighten the pol and also make it attractive.


  • High quality light
  • It is very bright
  • It is attractive and efficient
  • It is very easy to install
  • It works for a longer period of time

  • It can be quite difficult to replace the batteries

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8. Pentair 640121 IntelliBrite 5G Color Underwater LED Spa Light

If you in search for some high tech underwater LED pool light to illuminate your pool, then you need not look further as you can find solace in the Pentair 640121 IntelliBrite 5G Color Underwater LED Spa Light.

The light is amazing and super bright which is why it ranks among the best led pool light you will come across in the market and online.

However, the light isn’t cheap but it has a long life span which will help you to save lots of money of changing pool lights often. Report from customers who have once used the light appreciate the rate at which it works.

It goes through the water without being obstructed with the waves of the pool and it has all needed to offer you much light for more clarity in the water which makes it so perfect for night swimmers or those that want their pool to look gorgeous and exuberant.

The light isn’t designed for particular set of people but for those who appreciate and love colorful appearance of their pool. There is a myth that says color affects ones mood so you can as well choose the best color that suits you and enhance your mood.

The light it gives is evenly distributed so that you don’t have a part of the pool that is limited with light supply. So you can move to any length in your pool at night once you have the best and perfect light in place to make movement easier for you.


  • It projects into the water very well
  • It gives many color options
  • Last longer to save you lots of money
  • It produces high quality light

  • Some say it is too bright which I don’t consider as a setback.

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7. Dragonfly LED Lotus Waterproof Firefly Trendy Hip Unique Color-Changing Lights

Do you need stylish light for your pool? Then you can go for Dragonfly LED Lotus Light Waterproof Firefly Trendy Hip Unique Color-changing Flower Night Lamp Garden house Lights. The light is almost as real as the lotus transparent dragon flies.

It has 7 different color that alternates to give a colorful and beautiful look. It has waterproof floating with no wax which means it will not sink in the water but stay above and it doesn’t need any cleaning. It runs on battery as source of power and the batteries can be replaced.

It makes your pool attractive and a more relaxed place to enjoy your nice time and events such as pool party and some other celebration party. It is very quiet, beautiful and warm when in use.

It is ideal for indoor and outdoor use and apart from using it in the pool, it can be used for other things such as in the restaurant, hotels, bedroom, tub and dinner table.

As much as you are willing to use the light, you must realize that you need to use it in the appropriate way and thereafter maintain it rightly.

Before you make use of the light, just rotate the base and remove the white paper, tighten the base and ensure it is firm before you position it on the water. It can be connected with the use of cable to turn it on and off.


  • It is very attractive
  • It can be used for wide range of application
  • It is very bright
  • It beautify the pool
  • It is very easy to install

  • It can only be controlled using cable

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6. iTobest 35w 120v E26 Base Swimming Pool Led Light Bulb Daylight White

The Led Pool Lights,iTobest 35w 120v E26 Base Swimming Pool Led Light Bulb Daylight White is a 35W LED light that combines quality with convenience and function.. The light bulb packs enough power to be a 500 watt halogen bulb alternative.

The light is a 35 watt bulb with illumination that is superb and enough to give you a clearer and a brighter view. Just like every other LED lights, the Led Pool Lights,iTobest 35w 120v E26 Base Swimming Pool Led Light Bulb Daylight White is built to last much longer than your typical light fixture.

The light isn’t designed with many features but can run for a longer period of time around your swimming pool. The light output is superior to that of the fluorescent and halogen so you get every area of your pool illuminated.

Some think it is small and can’t illuminate a large pool but I can assure you that the light is effective and efficient to illuminate a swimming pool with 2400 gallons of water. As solid as it is, you can install the light in your pool yourself and can get any expert to do that for you if need be.

With the light you can design and make your pool a more attractive place to be. The light will beautify your pool and make it an irresistible place for family members and visitors on vacation.


  • It has low power consumption
  • The light doesn’t heat up
  • It is simple to install
  • It is a very bright light

  • It has no setback

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5. Pentair 78428100 Amerlite Underwater Incandescent Pool Light

The Pentair 78428100 Amerlite Underwater Incandescent Pool Light is a top led light for swimming pool. There are different ways in which one can beautify and also illuminate a swimming pool.

By so doing, you have to consider any of the led pool light in which Pentair 78428100 Amerlite Underwater Incandescent Pool Light is a great product not to overlook.

One of the things you need if you own a pool in your house is the reliability and confidence that there is minimal risk factor and with the Pentair 78428100 Amerlite Underwater Incandescent Pool Light, be assured you are safe and secure as it will give you a brighter view of your pool and get you fully aware of things that goes on around you.

It is made of stainless steel face ring with uni-tension clamp which doesn’t rust because it will be mostly used in the pool. It has great and high tech light diffusion and the output is evenly distributed.

The lens is prismatic tempered and it doesn’t consumes light but conserves which means you don’t have to keep paying high bill for electricity.

It is very easy to install and eco-friendly, it comes with all needed to get it installed and it is fairly expensive which means you need to pay for what you get. The quality its made of is top notch and the performance rate is excellent.


  • It is very easy to install
  • It is eco-friendly
  • It doesn’t emit heat
  • It is super bright

  • It doesn’t come with a switch

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4. BULBWIZARDS PoolBright color changing LED pool bulb

The BULBWIZARDS PoolBright color changing LED pool bulb is well equipped with seven different colors and it has four speed settings for smooth transition in which 30 minutes is the lowest as there are also options for 1 minutes and 5 minutes transitions. It comes with easy and simple control settings and you can change the color as you want.

The light has no frills and the installation is easy and quick to do and also, the color transition is smooth. The Led light is among the best you can choose as it offers great and outstanding performance.

It can be used with different type of pool as its primary aim is to ensure that your pool is well lighted so that you don’t miss your step in the pool.

Apart from adding beauty to your pool it serves as a safety tool to keep you safe as long as you remain in the water.


  • It is easy to install and use
  • It is bright and effective
  • It is eco-friendly
  • It doesn’t consumes energy

  • The light changes suddenly from one to another

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3. Intex LED Pool Wall Light

The Intex LED Pool Wall Light is a powerful high tech light with enough power to replace conventional lights. It is a wall light that you can stick to the sidewall and then transfer power via the pod. The light is built to last longer and offer illumination without consuming much power.

The light has a magnetic properties which means that you can attach the light to anywhere on your pool’s wall. And it is compact and lightweight which means you can move from one place to another easily.

The light is very easy to use and install, built for ground pools, and it is a great deal of illumination. You don’t have to leave your pool dark as it might be quite dangerous so you need to lighten the pool so that you can easily move around in the pool at night while you relax in the water.


  • It has low power consumption
  • Light is vivid and bright
  • The bulb is well designed to last

  • It doesn’t come with a switch

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2. 120V 35W Color Changing LED Pool Light Bulb

There are many brands of Led pool light and another brand here to consider is the WYZM which also manufacture different color changing pool lights and the 120V 35W Color Changing LED Pool Light Bulb is one to consider for those in need of a high tech light.

The 35W pool light has enough power with great light intensity for any pool that can accommodate 2500 gallons of water. The led pool light is also compatible with Pentair Hayward Light fixtures so you don’t need a special controller.

The light is designed to work with lots of pools so you can operate it with the off and on switch. The color of the LED varies based in the degree of brightness as the red appears to be the dimmest while the blue color is one of the brightest of the LED.

Each LED light has the temerity to last for 65,000 hours and when used in the right way, it will last longer without the need to get a replacement any time soon. The Led light can be used for different pools irrespective of the capacity of water it contains.


  • It is a bright light
  • It is effective
  • It is very easy to install
  • It has smooth color change

  • It has no cover for the LEDs

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1. P&LED Color Changing Replacement Swimming Pool Lights Bulb LED

The P&LED (120V,35W) Color Changing Replacement Swimming Pool Lights Bulb LED is a top light that is designed to offer your pool some dramatic lighting without you having to break the bank with more than a few color including green, red, dark blue, purple, light blue and white.

It gives you the platform of having different settings of color transition which you can adjust to suit yourself or the look you want for your pool.

It isn’t hard to control or change the color as the color changes the moment you toggle the switch and each of the Led light is 35% brighter when compared to some ordinary light or LED lights and the appear to last longer.

The light is so easy to use once it is set up and it doesn’t consumes energy but conserves and doesn’t emit heat. It can penetrate easily through 25000 gallon of water which means you can get to see clearly when in the pool.

The brightness level is great and the performance is topnotch and you can make use of the remote control to time the light to either on or off whichever way you like. The color of the light add lots of beauty which can turn your pool to an event center for poolside party.


  • It can easily be controlled with a remote control
  • It is very easy to install and use
  • It is super bright and can be used on large pool

  • None

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How To Install an LED Pool Light Bulb?


The swimming pool is an important part of the house and on the off chance that you have one, it is expedient that you make use of any of the best led pool light to get you a clearer and brighter view of your pool.

It is one of the best places to relax and have fun after the rigor of the day and so you need to get it illuminated with light and you can spice it up with different color to make your poolside attractive.

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