*Best LED Nail Lamp For Home Use – Reviews of 2021

When you apply gel polish of different types on your nail, it takes a more extended period to dry, and some might mistakenly get on the bed and stain it with the color of the gel. It is why the best led nail lamp is essential for such people. It is the best cosmetic device that is a must-have for anyone that loves to have gel polish on their nails.

It helps to dry the gel very fast without you waiting for hours to get that done and also, it gives you the platform to do your thing yourself at your convenience and comfort.

best led nail lamp

There are some essential things that you must consider when in search of the best led nail lamp.

It is the very first thing to consider, but the positive about this is that the nail lamps don’t come expensive but are affordable and cheap which you can acquire for hundreds of dollars.

Cure time

One of the advantages of using the nail lamp is that it is swift and doesn’t waste time as the average cure time starts from 30 seconds. Yes you hear me right, it’s just 30 seconds.

Although it has different timer setting from 30 seconds to 90 seconds and some extend up to 300 seconds. It all depends on what you are doing. The importance of this is to ensure that you have the lamp under control so that you don’t get you hand or finger damaged.

Once you’ve set the timer to a particular time and it gets there, the lamp will go off automatically in which must have cure the nails before the stipulated time frame.

Bulb lifespan

Some bulb doesn’t last long while some do. So you must carefully look into this when buying a nail lamp.changing of bulb is very important once it gets weak and isn’t as effective as its used to be.

If you are the type that utilizes the lamp three to five times in a week, the led might get weak quickly and turn out ineffective which is why you need to change to keep up with the healthy routine for your nail.

There are lots of less quality led bulb in the market so you must ensure that you get the best led that can compliment the type of gel polish you do utilize. You can get more advice and suggestion from your salon on the led bulb you should opt for.


You need to consider this too. Some are big enough to accommodate your two hand, and some can only accommodate one hand at a time. So you need to look into this too.

Some complained that some products cannot accommodate their five fingers in which they have to cure the thumb separately. So you have to ensure that what you get can cure your five fingers on the go and can also accommodate your foot id need be.

10 Best LED Nail Lamp Reviews in 2021

10. MiroPure 36W UV LED Nail Dryer Lamp

The MiroPure 36W Nail Lamp has all that is required to cure both UV and LED polish. Most people have complained about burns and discomfort with the use of nail lamp but with the MiroPure 36W Nail Lamp, be assured of your safety and comfort because it has a safety feature which protects you from burns.

It is designed with the safety of users in mind which is why it has a low heat production mode in which detects the temperature and therefore reduces the power.

The MiroPure 36W Nail Lamp has four different timer settings which range from 10s, the 30s, 60s, and 90s. Once the timer gets to 99s, the temperature gradually increases, and the power gets to peak to resolve all the pain caused by curing gels. Also, it has heat dissipation hole design which helps to cool the machine continuously for 30 seconds just to ensure that the machine doesn’t get overheated.

It has auto sensor feature by infrared induction in which once it detects your hand it turn on and once you remove your hand, it turns off. This means merely without you pressing the nail lamp; it will turn on and off once your hand is inside it.

The MiroPure 36W Nail Lamp has 24 led light beads and it last for 50,000 hours. The Led light beads are quite different from traditional lights in such that it doesn’t cause any harm to your body whenever you make use of it.


  • It is very safe to use for anyone irrespective of your skin color
  • It is durable and reliable
  • It last longer

  • It can only accommodate one hand at a time

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9. USpicy MACARON 36W Nail Dryer Lamp

Do you spend more time at the saloon doing manicure and manicure? With the use of the Nail Dryer, USpicy MACARON 36W Nail Dryer UV Lamp you can get your nail fixed and dried at your convenience without you visiting the saloon. It is the perfect answer to DIY nail beauty.

After getting all the gel on your nail or paint, you still need to get your hand under the dryer to ensure it is dry and firm. That can be done using Nail Dryer, USpicy MACARON 36W Nail Dryer UV Lamp. The dryer is a portable device that can get all work done on your nail just as if you are in your nail salon.

The Nail Dryer, USpicy MACARON 36W Nail Dryer UV Lamp is safer to use, faster and it is odorless. It doesn’t take much time to get your nail fixed.

It has smart timer settings that are adjustable which you can select either 120s or 180s, and that depends on the number of coats and the type of nail polish that you are curing.

It is safe as said before because the dryer was created with the safety of users in mind in which it comes with UV protective gloves and nail file.

All this is to ensure that your hand is safe and your nail is in good and healthy condition. Irrespective of what you want to do be it for the top coat, gel, or other polishes, the Nail Dryer, USpicy MACARON 36W Nail Dryer UV Lamp is very effective in getting it done.


  • It is very easy to use for anyone
  • It is cheap and affordable
  • The performance rate is very high and excellent
  • It doesn’t harm or cause burns

  • It lacks a fan and can overheat when used for a longer period of time
  • It can only accommodate one hand at a time

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8. NailStar Professional LED Nail Dryer Lamp

The NailStar™ Professional LED Nail Dryer Nail Lamp is a powerful device that is designed with the focus of helping those who love DIY nail treatment rather than visiting any salon. The device works exactly just like the commercial nail dryer in your salon.

The good about the product is that it doesn’t work below the standard dryer you will find in your salon, but works excellently well. It is far better than using UV Dryer because UV takes longer period to get the work done while the LED get the work done three times faster.

The NailStar™ Professional LED Nail Dryer Nail Lamp comes with 60 LED bulbs which give low heat emission which can never hurt or burn your hand.

It has different timer settings to ensure you get the best of the dryer. It has 30s, 60s, 90s, and 30 minutes settings based on the type of gel you have on your nail. I’ve heard people complained about different nail dryer, but no one has made a complaint about NailStar™ Professional LED Nail Dryer Nail Lamp.

It is very easy to use as you don’t need the presence of anyone to help you out with all required is just to place the hand in the open space of the dryer and aloe it to get the work done without any hassle.


  • There is no need for replacing the LED bulbs
  • It doesn’t cause any harm
  • It is compact, very portable and easy to move about
  • It is ideal for home use and professional use.

  • It is designed for one hand at a time

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7. Gelish 18G Professional LED Light

The Gelish 18G Professional LED Light is a quality high tech device that comes with three buttons located at the back of the device where you can set it to cure for different timer from 5, 20 or 30s.

The device has motion detector in which will detect the very moment you slide your hand or foot into the opening of the dryer.

The Gelish 18G Professional LED light comes with a little shield that you place your hand on to slide it in which is a safety measure to keep the light inside the lamp from affecting your hand and other parts of your body.

The lamp is very easy to clean if need be for you to clean it after use. It has a protective cover to protect your eyes, a variable timer and it is made of compact design which makes it compatible with working table.

It is portable and can be carried about from one place to another. The dryer is efficient in curing the whole five fingers at once not like some that can accommodate your thumb so there if no need for you to cure the thumb separately.


  • It is portable and lightweight
  • It is very easy to use and has great performance rate
  • It is effective and cures the nail very fast

  • It doesn’t have off and on switch so you just have to remove it from the power socket to get it off.

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6. Anself Pro 64W LED Gel Nail Dryer Curing Lamp

The Anself Pro 64W LED Gel Nail Dryer Curing Lamp Nail Polish Machine is the best device for getting your nails fixed beautifully right in the comfort of your home without you needing to visit a commercial salon for manicure and pedicure. It saves you the stress of going to the salon often to cure your nails.

It works effectively for different type of nail polishes as it work three times better and faster than UV dryer. It has timer settings just like others such as 10s, 30s, 60s, and 300s. It comes in different size and types based on what you want.

It has a multidirectional reflective inferior design, it safely cures different gels quickly and evenly. It isn’t restricted to the nail but can also be used for your toes. You don’t need the attention of any expert to install and use the dryer as it is very easy to use for anyone.

It has different instruction for the hand use and foot use.

For the hand use, just plug the power cord into the power outlet, the default light will come up, then you touch the time setting key to what you want and the lamp is ready to work.

Place your hand into the lamp where the sensor area is situated and the lamp will be on until it get to the time you set for it or when you move your hand away.

While for the foot, you just have to remove the bottom panel and put the foot into the lamp directly and allow the lamp do the work.


  • It is portable and convenient to move
  • It comes with an instructional manual
  • It is easy to use for anyone
  • It doesn’t hurt or harm the user

  • Some complained it is a bit heavy

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5. SUNUV SUN2C 48W LED UV nail Lamp

If you are in need of a quality nail dryer, you might want to consider the SUNUV SUN2C 48W LED UV nail Lamp. It is an ultimate lamp that is compatible with any skin color and it doesn’t harm or hurt users.

The lamp comes with sensor that makes it very easy to use without hassles. It will work automatically once it detect your hand and goes off automatically the moment you remove your hand.

The product is a quality nail polish dryer which offers you professional quality pedicure and manicure at your own comfort. It comes with 33pcs of high quality LEDs which helps to get you nail fixed at a faster rate. It gives flexible drying and doesn’t give any odor.

The lamp has different settings which gives you the platform to set the lamp to 10s, 30s, 60s, and 90 seconds low heat mode. It is the best DIY kit for those who love to do their nail fixing without going to the manicure salon. It has circular Arc design, the base is detachable and the inner space is enough to accommodate your hand.


  • It is very easy to use
  • It is portable and efficient in operation
  • It is one of the best DIY nail dryer
  • It is good for those that doesn’t love to visit the salon

  • Some complain the timer is inconsistent

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4. USpicy 48W LED UV Nail Dryer

The USpicy 48W LED UV Nail Dryer is a powerful and portable nail dryer that helps to speed the rate at which you cure your nails in the safest mode. It is very efficient in curing different sorts of LED and UV gel without any risk factor.

It has USB lights for better nails appearance which is why it is ideal for those who prefer or love flashy things. It makes the nail look just like an artwork by ensuring that get a clearer and better look when applying the gel. It turns you into the most attractive and irresistible individual.

The lamp is fully secured to ensure that your eyes are safe and also to those that are sensitive to light. It is why the lamp comes with a shield to protect the eyes from the light.

Do you love to apply gel yourself and cure your nail? Then the USpicy 48W LED UV Nail Dryer is the perfect choice to make.

It gets the work done without hassles and it has different timer from 30s, 60s, and 120s. It gives you the platform to preselect the perfect light timer for your hand so that you don’t burn or harm your hand.

After you’ve made use of the dryer, you can store it in a safe place, but it is advisable that you clean it which is very easier to do for anyone.


  • It can be used for both the hand and foot
  • It is effective and efficient in operation
  • It is very easy for curing nails
  • It works very fast
  • It is very cheap and affordable

  • It has no major setback

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3. SUNUV SUN9C 24W LED UV Nail Dryer Curing Lamp

Are you tired of replacing your nail dryer bulb over and over again? You should try the SUNUV SUN9C 24W LED UV Nail Dryer Curing Lamp. The lamp brings you the safe and best comfortable experience. It comes with 18 pcs of 24W double light source which is a lasting light source.

Most people find it unpleasant and discomforted after having a session of nail cure at the salon. It is because they have no power to set the intensity of the light to their preferred level which is not harmful.

But with the SUNUV SUN9C 24W LED UV Nail Dryer Curing Lamp you can easily get that fixed because the light can be controlled yourself to set the intensity based on what you want.

The lamp comes in arch shape, it is lightweight and can cure the 5 fingernails or your teo nails simultaneously. It is perfect for all kind of nail polish and comes with eye protective shield.

It has two different time settings for 30s and 60s. And with the sensor, you can easily get it to work by just placing your hand in it and it also get off automatically once you remove your hand.

To make good use of the lamp, just apply a thin layer of the gel polished depending on the type you prefer, set the lamp to the appropriate timer as the gel polish requires and then place your hand inside.

Nut once the time set elapse, the lamp will turn off or turn off automatically whenever you remove your hand from the lamp.


  • It has smart sensor to detect your hand easily
  • It fits the whole of your hand and foot
  • It is cheap and affordable
  • It is effective and very good in curing your nails

  • It has no major setback

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2. MelodySusie Portable LED Nail Lamp

The MelodySusie Portable LED Nail Lamp Comes with just one button that is used to activate either of the two auto settings of the lamb i.e. 45s and 60s. for those that want to set the lamp light to 60s timing, you just have to press the heart-shaped button on the top side of the nail lamp once while those that want the 45s setting will press the heart-shaped button twice. And on the off chance that you want to stop the lamp, you just have to press it.

All that is required of you is to know the different or appropriate timing for different gel polishes to make it easier to use. The lamp allows you to easily achieve different type of elegant nail appearance.

The nail lamp is well equipped with 3x2W LED light beads and it can effectively cure variety of LED gel polishes. It is small, lightweight and powerful.

The lamp is very safe to use with great ventilation and minimal UV radiation so that your nails will remain healthy and beautiful.


  • Great value for the money
  • It works automatically
  • It is very easy to use and effective
  • It doesn’t make noise when in use
  • It doesn’t require replacement of the led bulbs

  • It has no major setback

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1. MelodySusie 12W LED Nail Dryer

After you’ve applied the gel polish on your nail, you will need to cure it using a nail dryer, and the MelodySusie 12W LED Nail Dryer is one to seriously consider as the 12W lamp has only four buttons and four different timer settings of the 30s, 60s, 90s, and 30 minutes.

It works automatically as it is very effective to cure a variety of LED gel polishes. It is very lightweight and can be used anywhere in your home because it is portable and can be moved with ease.

Without the assistance of anyone or the salon attendants, you can cure your nails and give it the best design or look that will attract others and turn you to the point of focus.

The lamp is cheap and affordable, and it doesn’t cause any harm or damages to your hand. On the off chance that you are in need of a new nail dryer or you just decide to join the group of DIYers, the MelodySusie 12W LED Nail Dryer is the best option.


  • It is safe and reasonable
  • It is a powerful lamp
  • It doesn’t harm or burn the hand
  • It works automatically

  • It might not accommodate the whole fingers which means you will have to cure the thumb separately

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Do you want the best and perfect nail dryer for your cosmetics need, most importantly for curing your nails? Getting one of the best led nail lamps among the ones listed above is the best choice of the year you’ll ever make.

The lamp sure works just like the commercial ones you will find in the salon and on the off chance that you don’t feel satisfied with salon service and would love to do it yourself, the nail lamp isn’t an option but a necessity.

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